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Rose Valley

Bulgaria has centuries-old history and traditions, being one of the most marvelous spots in the world to grow essential-oil cultures – rose, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, etc. Globally, Bulgaria, and the Rose Valley in particular, provide most favourable conditions for growing the most oil-bearing rose variety, Rose Damascena. The village of Rozino, where our plantations are found, is a unique place; its soils are featured by diluvial deposits with well-formed humus horizon.

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The parameters determining the quality of the humus layer are as follows:
pH in the upper layer – 4.3 – 6.3 Humus – 0.85 – 2.78%, P2O5 – 3.22% Hydrolizeum – 19.9 – 38.0%, K2O – 0.075 %
All of these, combined by the high atmospheric humidity of 75-90% contribute for the high yield of rose oil of utmost quality. That is wherefrom the village derives its resonant name of Rozino!
Our rose lands are equipped with a drip irrigation system and are grown up free of chemicals. The care for the land is almost year-round – from early spring to late fall, and for purposes of protection, each root is trenched.


Production Processes


Down to the present day the rose blossom distillation has been made in the most old-fashioned traditional way, but modern technologies are integrally blended. The fresh rose blossoms are gathered early in the morning in dry weather and rose oil is further obtained through double distilled steam. This method allows for the preservation of the rose oil’s fine scent and unique properties. Blossoms contain 0.02% – 0.04% essential oils, and in rare cases it may reach up to 0.09%.
The rose production is a complex, hard and expensive process aiming to guarantee the best quality to perfumeries all over the world.
2 -3 tons of rose blossom gives one kg yield of rose oil, and it was not for nothing that rose oil is regarded as Bulgarian gold.

Rose Water

Rose water is the secondary product derived from the steam distillation process. During this process the rose oil from the rose petals of the variety Rosa Damascena is released to the surface, where phenylethyl alcohol is dissolved in distilled water and the rose water, Aqua rosaeis obtained. 1 kg of rose blossom gives 1 kg of rose water. The rose water contains from 0.2 to 1.1 essential oil. The most ancient vessels in which rose water had been transported were the leather bags.

Rose Oil

Rose oil contains about 300 different substances. The main ingredient of the oil, obtained through distillation is the acyclic alcohol geraniol (ca. 50%). The pleasant rose fragrance is attributed to geraniol, citronellol and phenylethyl alcohol. Stearoptenes are odourless and they define the property of the oil to harden at a temperature of 25°C. Approximately 283 components are found in Bulgarian rose oil, which define its balanced composition.

New Projects

A new distillery is to be constructed, which will be environmentally-friendly and furnished with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. This project will enable us to process a great variety of essential-oil cultures and will enrich our assortment.

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